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Jeebr takes pride in offering business broadband services in Nalasopara within your budget

As you approach Jeebr, we assist you to choose a suitable plan from business broadband plans in Nalasopara.

Soon after we have understood your basic needs, we work towards setting up a broadband connection at your office situated in Nalasopara.

With the ring architecture, the working professionals will not find it hard to collaborate across the entire network. Besides, you can think about video calls without worrying about any interruptions. With something at a reasonable price chosen from business internet plans in Nalasopara, your team members don’t have to wait longer while downloading or uploading files.

Connect with Jeebr to know more about our internet plans and discuss how you can set up the connection within the infrastructure.


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Apt Internet Plans for office use

When you contact Jeebr, the leading corporate internet service providers in Nalasopara, your team can use the internet for long hours without getting disappointed with the connectivity. As you opt for an appropriate internet plan, you can consider a plan at an affordable price. In addition, when you’re looking forward to enhance productivity for your business, you can select a plan which comes with 300 Mbps bandwidth.
Max Speed 90 Days 180 Days 365 Days 540 Days
10 Mbps Rs. 3900 Rs. 7000 Rs. 13000 Rs. 21000
15 Mbps Rs. 4800 Rs. 9000 Rs. 16000 Rs. 25000
25 Mbps
Rs. 6500 Rs. 12200 Rs. 21600 Rs. 31000
40 Mbps
Rs. 8000 Rs. 15000 Rs. 26600 Rs. 38000
50 Mbps
Rs. 10000 Rs. 18800 Rs. 33300 Rs. 47000
60 Mbps
Rs. 12500 Rs. 23500 Rs. 40000 Rs. 65000
70 Mbps
Rs. 15000 Rs. 28000 Rs. 59000 Rs. 75000
80 Mbps
Rs. 20000 Rs. 37500 Rs. 67000 Rs. 99000
90 Mbps
Rs. 25000 Rs. 47000 Rs. 83000 Rs. 125000
100 Mbps
Rs. 30000 Rs. 58000 Rs. 101000 Rs. 170000

As you strive to manage the entire business smoothly, Jeebr recommends you with a plan that you will never ever regret.

Once the connection is established for business broadband in Nalasopara, we offer round-the-clock assistance for all kinds of issues. Our customer support team is proactive enough to resolve the issues in no time.

After selecting from business broadband plans in Nalasopara, we offer:


Various options with the flexibility of choosing the bandwidth


Round-the-clock monitoring for a consistency in the performance


Corporate internet services depending on the business requirements

As soon as you communicate your needs to Jeebr, we come up with broadband corporate plans in Nalasopara. We initially observe the layout and the network and suggest a plan that could fit in your budget. In order to enhance productivity for teams across departments, we work upon the architecture. At any moment, we work towards coming up with solution for any issues your team members may raise later.

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When you make up your mind to go for a fibre internet connection in Nalasopara, you can flip through the various home internet plans. With a customer-focused approach, we assure you to meet your needs based on how you prefer using the internet.

FAQs regarding business broadband

Why must I consider business broadband services in Nalasopara?
When you opt for broadband connection for your office located in Nalasopara, you will be glad to level up online service for your clients. Besides, your team members will not have to spend a lot of time waiting when files have to be uploaded or downloaded.
What should I consider for office internet plans in Nalasopara?
When you are still thinking about a corporate internet plan, you need to search for an ISP that can understand the basic needs completely. Apart from everything else, you also need to consider the infrastructure for the internet connection.
Is business broadband better than Wi-Fi at home?
Unarguably, business broadband is very much faster than a Wi-Fi connection at home. The internet speed is absolutely incredible when your team has to download or upload files constantly. But, the overall speed may differ based on the location.
What are the pros of opting for a Jeebr internet plan?
When you entrust take up an internet plan from Jeebr, you can gain agility while serving your customers online. Your team members can also avail a high bandwidth and can collaborate online comfortably with one another.
What type of internet connection I must think for an office in Nalasopara?
If you want your team to be a bit more productive, then it’s always a good idea to set up a fast broadband connection. But, if there’s nothing you can do to stretch the budget, then you should look for other options.
Which the ideal internet plan for offices in Nalasopara?
Usually, you should try out a corporate broadband plan which offers 10 Mbps for downloading files. But, once you have considered something reasonable among corporate broadband plans in Nalasopara from Jeebr, think about a plan which offers you 300 Mbps bandwidth.

What our Customer Says


I am using the service almost from year and the it is improving day by day. Kudos to the team Jeebr. Thanks team for the stable internet and quality support.

Kunal Pardeshi


I started using their internet services in October 2019 and let me tell you, this company is a GEM. The packages are soooo reasonable.

Mamta Agrawal


Plans are reasonable. Staff is helpful and good. Service is good. Better service than my previous broadband provider

Mahesh Yadav


The service is good. Plans are really feasible. And in about a year had serious problems only twice due to rains. Turnaround was quick and good. Staff is responsive and polite.



I must appreciate the prompt service and quality of work (Mira Road). I am using since last 8 months now.

Siddharth Bandarkar


Jeebr Internet Leaseline Services having wonderful services of corporate Leaseline & having 24*7 customer service.I already recommended to my friends. In this panadamic situation it’s really good price wise.

Sachin Jadhav


Best internet service provider, fast service in pandemic due to that we worked online and great support by 24/7 technical help, thank you jeebr team.

Sagar Adhav


The corporate Internet Lease Line is with 99.5% SLA. With unmatched rates. Really satisfied with the internet services.

Sachin Gaikwad


Very good internet connection so far. Highly recommended over pathetic Hathway . Service provided during sale and installation is also good. Hope they continue with same

Sanjay kunbi


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