Get the Best Corporate Internet Plans – Competitive Pricing

Get the Best Corporate Internet Plans – Competitive Pricing

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Fast, reliable internet connectivity is crucial for companies today. However, Corporate Internet Plans can be expensive, especially for growing businesses with many connected devices and high bandwidth needs.

By evaluating your current and future connectivity requirements, you can find a plan that delivers the speed, data, security, and overall value your business needs. Comparing available plans and negotiating the best deal can help you get premium corporate internet service without overpaying.

With the right corporate internet plan, your company can experience the full benefits of a fast, dependable internet connection to support daily operations, communications, and growth.

Factors to Consider – Corporate Internet Plans 

Corporate internet plans offer dedicated bandwidth, enhanced security, and advantages over standard residential plans. They provide fast, reliable connectivity essential for efficient business operations.

1- Service Level Agreements

Business broadband connections come with service level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee a minimum uptime, bandwidth, latency and packet loss. If the SLA is not met, companies receive credits. Residential plans lack these guarantees.

2- Enhanced Security

Corporate plans include enterprise-level security features like firewalls, content filtering, malware protection and 24/7 network monitoring. Some provide distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack mitigation and other advanced cybersecurity solutions. Standard internet plans offer only basic security.

3- Dedicated Bandwidth

Business Broadband provides dedicated, symmetrical upload and download speeds to handle the bandwidth demands of multiple connected devices and high-volume traffic. Bandwidth is not shared with other customers, so rates remain consistent even during peak usage periods. Residential plans offer lower, asymmetrical rates that are shared across subscribers.

4- Priority Support

Corporate plans provide premium technical support with shorter wait times and U.S.-based support staff available 24/7. Issues receive priority resolution to minimize downtime. Standard plans offer offshore support with limited hours.

5- Cost Savings

Although corporate internet plans charge higher monthly fees, they frequently offer discounts for multi-year or bundled contracts. They can also reduce costs through tax deductions as a business expense. For growing companies, enhanced connectivity, security, reliability, and support ultimately lead to greater productivity, efficiency, and cost savings.

Types of Corporate Internet Connections

1- Dedicated Internet Access

For mission-critical operations that cannot afford any downtime, a dedicated internet access plan provides an unshared high-speed connection. This type of plan offers symmetrical upload and download speeds, as well as a service level agreement ensuring 99.99% uptime. However, dedicated programs tend to be the most expensive option.

2- Business Broadband

A popular, cost-effective choice for most small to mid-size companies is a business broadband plan. These plans provide shared high-speed internet access with asymmetrical speeds, meaning faster download than upload speeds. While more affordable, the connectivity is not guaranteed. Business broadband connection works well for typical business functions like sending emails, browsing the web, and powering online services.

Tips for Negotiating the Best Corporate Internet Plans Conclusion

To get the best deal on a corporate internet plan, keep these tips in mind during negotiations:

  1. Do your research: Compare prices and plans from different providers in your area to determine a reasonable range for the services you need. Check sites that track internet costs for businesses. Go in armed with facts to support your target price.
  • Ask for a discount: Many companies expect businesses to negotiate, so don’t hesitate to ask for 10-30% off the initial offer. Explain that you have options from competitors and would like to give them your business if they can meet your budget requirements. 
  • Discuss bundling options: See if bundling the internet with phone and television services can lower your overall bill. While bundles may seem more expensive, the per-service cost is often lower. Ask if they offer discounts for bundling multiple business locations or lines together. 
  • Request contract flexibility: Push for a shorter initial contract, like 12 months instead of 24 or 36. This gives you the flexibility to switch corporate internet plans if needed to get the best deal. Ask if they offer waivers for early termination fees if you need to cancel the contract. 
  • Ask about additional perks: See if you can get additional benefits thrown in at no extra cost, such as free installation, network security, or cloud storage space. Mention that their competitors are offering these types of perks. They may match to win your business. 
  • Stay persistent and patient: Keep negotiating until you get an offer you’re satisfied with. Don’t feel pressured to sign a contract right away. Take time to evaluate multiple offers before making your final decision. With persistence, you can land a great corporate internet deal.


High-speed internet is vital for businesses today. Evaluate the factors you need to consider when choosing an Internet service provider. Choose an ISP with competitive pricing, support, and custom solutions to match your requirements. The right internet plan allows efficiency, productivity, and competitive advantage. Affordable, scalable options exist; match your needs. Explore available options – a quality corporate internet plan yields growth opportunities.

About Jeebr

Jeebr Internet is an eminent corporate internet plans provider in Mumbai and the Mumbai Suburban area, known for delivering high-speed and seamless connectivity. With a deep understanding of the modern world’s fast-paced demands, we offer unique packages tailored to the needs of individuals and corporates, including unlimited broadband and data-driven internet plans.

Our Leased Line service is dedicated to providing corporations with dedicated bandwidth, high-speed internet access, and reliable connectivity. Additionally, we offer Jeebr Fiber, Jeebr Home Broadband, and Jeebr PlayTV—an OTT TV Platform—together with our Broadband services.

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