Jeebr Internet’s Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

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Introduction: Welcome to Jeebr Internet Services, a leading Internet services provider based in Mumbai, India. We are dedicated to making a positive impact through our corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Our CSR Values: At Jeebr, our CSR initiatives are rooted in our core values. We are driven by a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, aiming to contribute to the well-being of our communities.

Environmental Initiatives: We prioritize environmental sustainability in our operations. Through energy-efficient infrastructure and sustainable practices, such as optimizing data centers for reduced energy consumption and utilizing renewable energy sources, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint.

Community Engagement: Jeebr actively engages with the local communities of Mumbai. We believe in empowering and uplifting those around us. Our employees participate in volunteer programs, and we collaborate with nonprofits and community organizations to support causes such as education, digital literacy, and women’s empowerment.

Digital Inclusion: Bridging the digital divide is a significant aspect of our CSR efforts. We are passionate about ensuring equal access to technology and the internet. Through initiatives like providing low-cost internet solutions and digital literacy programs, we enable underserved communities to harness the power of connectivity.

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Mr. Motasim Nachan envisions JEEBR Internet Services as a catalyst for positive change, not only in the realm of technology but also in the lives of individuals and communities. He believes that a successful company should go beyond profits and actively contribute to the betterment of society, aligning business success with social impact.


Mr. Motasim Nachan firmly believes that access to technology and the internet can be transformative, providing opportunities and empowering individuals from all walks of life. He recognizes the digital divide that exists in many communities, particularly in Mumbai, and understands the importance of bridging this gap to create a more inclusive society.

With this in mind, he has set forth the CSR program at JEEBR Internet Services with a multi-faceted approach. His thought behind the program revolves around the following principles:
Empowering Communities

Empowering Communities

Mr. Nachan believes that technology can serve as a powerful tool for empowerment. He envisions JEEBR as an enabler of change, actively working to provide digital access and resources to underserved communities. By focusing on initiatives that promote digital inclusion, he aims to empower individuals with the necessary skills and resources to improve their lives and unlock their full potential.

Sustainable Impact

Sustainable Impact

Sustainability is a key aspect of Mr. Nachan’s thought behind the CSR program. He understands the urgent need to address environmental concerns and strives to ensure that JEEBR’s operations are environmentally responsible. From energy-efficient infrastructure to renewable energy adoption, he emphasizes the importance of minimizing the company’s carbon footprint and preserving the natural resources for future generations.

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborative Partnerships

Mr. Nachan recognizes that the challenges faced by society are too complex to be tackled alone. He actively seeks out partnerships and collaborations with nonprofits, community organizations, and government entities. By fostering synergistic relationships, he believes that JEEBR can amplify its impact and create sustainable solutions to the social and environmental issues faced by Mumbai’s communities.

Through his vision and thought, Mr. Motasim Nachan inspires the entire team at JEEBR Internet Services to embrace the transformative power of technology, making a positive impact on society, and creating a more inclusive and sustainable future for Mumbai and beyond.

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