What Is an Internet Leased Line and How Does It Work?

What Is an Internet Leased Line and How Does It Work?

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Internet Leased Line, Internet Service

What Is an Internet Leased Line? Know Everything About it

An internet leased line is a private broadband connection that provides dedicated and uncontended bandwidth between two locations. It offers faster, more reliable connectivity than a typical broadband connection.

Leased Lines are Ideal for Corporate Businesses That Require:

  1. High bandwidth – Leased lines provide dedicated bandwidth ranging from 2Mbps up to 10Gbps and beyond. This high bandwidth is suitable for data-intensive business applications.
  2. Reliability – It offer an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with guaranteed uptime, low latency, and minimal packet loss. This makes them suitable for mission-critical systems and real-time applications.
  3. Security – Provides a private, dedicated connection isolated from the public internet. All data is transmitted over a private circuit, offering enhanced security and privacy.

A leased line works by establishing a dedicated telecommunications circuit between two locations. This provides an uncontended, uninterrupted data connection with symmetrical upload and download speeds. It often used to connect a business’s headquarters to branch offices, data centers, or other locations.

The dedicated bandwidth of a leased line provides consistent high-speed connectivity suitable for bandwidth-intensive tasks like video conferencing, VoIP calling, and file sharing between locations. For many businesses, the enhanced speed, reliability, security, and service guarantees are worth the additional cost over a standard broadband connection.

Leased lines do typically cost more than regular broadband, though prices have declined over time. The exact price will depend on factors like the bandwidth, distance between locations, and length of the contract. It remain an important connectivity option for enterprises that rely on fast, dependable access.

How Does an Internet Leased Line Work?

 A leased line is a private telecommunications circuit rented by an organization to connect locations. It provides dedicated bandwidth that is always available.

  1. Your organization pays to use the internet services provider. It sets up a direct connection between your locations and the provider.
  2. The ISP gives you a part of its internet speed just for you. This reliable and fast speed is only for your organization and not shared with others. 
  3. Your leased line is always active, giving your locations constant internet access.
  4. This fast and dedicated connection allows important business functions like cloud computing, video conferencing, and software as a service.
  5. Leased line internet connections have equal upload and download speeds to transfer data to and from the internet.
  6. Although the setup fees might be more expensive than regular broadband, leased lines promise reliable bandwidth and service agreements to meet your requirements.

The future of Internet leased line for your business and enterprise needs with a dedicated telecommunications circuit. It allocated bandwidth to enable fast, uncontended, and consistent Internet connectivity between locations. For mission-critical operations, it may be a worthwhile investment.

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