Speed, Reliability and Security: Unlocking the Benefits of an Internet Leased Line

Speed, Reliability and Security: Unlocking the Benefits of an Internet Leased Line

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Internet Leased Line

Unleash Your Business Potential: The Power of an Internet Leased Line

Through the years, the internet has transformed the way of pacing ahead with business. Further ahead, as the manufacturing industry is undergoing a digital transformation, SME’s are considering a stable yet secure internet connection. So, if you are unsure to choose between an internet leased line and a broadband connection, you need to read ahead. Connect with internet leased line providers in Mumbai if you are concerned about a dedicated internet connection for your workplace.

Internet Speed

In comparison to a broadband connection, an internet leased line is known for its speed. For instance, if you have opted for a leased line with 30 Mbps, then your teams can enjoy a speed that you will experience as if you’re just one person working in the network. On the other hand, when you set up a broadband connection, you may experience less speed. This will be the situation because the internet connection is shared between many users.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The terms of an SLA refer to the commitment that an internet service provider and the business owner agree upon. Once the expert sets up the internet leased line, your team members will experience uptime as much as 99.9%. This means that the internet connection is reliable and the speed may not drop down all of a sudden. In case something happens suddenly, then the service provider will receive a notification and the professionals will be able to resolve the issue immediately. However, you first need to check the business broadband connection plans to get an idea about what the service provider is proud to offer.

Symmetric Connection

If you are not aware of what is symmetric, then with an internet leased line, your team members will enjoy the same upload and download speed. However, with a broadband connection, you may not observe the upload speed as much as the download speed. You may experience an issue when you’re playing games online with your friends or even watching your all-time favourite web series.

Scalability with the connection

Scalability is about the convenience of making changes in the bandwidth. However, this aspect will depend on the internet plan you opt for office use. Mostly, you will come across leased lines that are scalable in nature. This means that you can request an increase in bandwidth whenever the need arises. Conversely, you can even scale down the bandwidth if you think it’s on the higher side across the agile workplace.
Finally, regardless of the internet plan you use for your office, you should approach a fibre optic internet provider. But, before you decide on anything, look for an internet connection depending on the infrastructure. Besides, you need to consider a brand that has catered to the needs of companies across various industrial segments.

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