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Why choose Jeebr among the OTT platform providers in India?

When you approach Jeebr, you can actually gain access to every kind of shows and movies at any instance. You are sure to enhance your experience through just one single platform.

While our experts offer services for live entertainment, the internet connection is quite reliable and stable. You will never ever face any issues even when you’re watching the shows for a long time span.

While our experts offer services for live entertainment, the internet connection is quite reliable and stable. You will never ever face any issues even when you’re watching the shows for a long time span.

When you opt for an OTT TV solution, you can binge watch your all-time favorite movies with just a single log in. We have included the best TV shows for you currently running over the internet.

Depending on your preferences, you can get in touch with our representative to select the channels even before availing the OTT streaming services. The on the go experience will be incredible while watching shows on your smartphone or on your smart TV.

Apart from different channels, Jeebr is proud to offer many OTT apps. You will not have to spend anything extra to subscribe to the most popularly used OTT apps.

In case you face some or other issue, then our customer support team is always present to assist you. You can connect with one of our team members at any point in time.


Features of Jeebr OTT TV


Ultimate Entertainment

Watch more than 300 channels from just a single OTT TV platform


Binge watch shows anytime

Jeebr offers most popular shows available across the internet

Move on with single sign in

Forget about the hassle of searching for shows. A single sign in & that’s it..

More with single subscription

Just a single subscription helps to access the OTT video platform



Based on what you love, Jeebr gives you can option to choose channels & more..

Enhance on the go experience

While you stream videos, you can watch them on laptop, your mobile & more..

Enjoy entertainment today with Jeebr

As you contact the leading OTT service provider, Jeebr, you can avail an entertainment pack for just Rs 129/- only.


What our Customer Says


I am using the service almost from year and the it is improving day by day. Kudos to the team Jeebr. Thanks team for the stable internet and quality support.

Kunal Pardeshi


I started using their internet services in October 2019 and let me tell you, this company is a GEM. The packages are soooo reasonable.

Mamta Agrawal


Plans are reasonable. Staff is helpful and good. Service is good. Better service than my previous broadband provider

Mahesh Yadav


The service is good. Plans are really feasible. And in about a year had serious problems only twice due to rains. Turnaround was quick and good. Staff is responsive and polite.



I must appreciate the prompt service and quality of work (Mira Road). I am using since last 8 months now.

Siddharth Bandarkar


Jeebr Internet Leaseline Services having wonderful services of corporate Leaseline & having 24*7 customer service.I already recommended to my friends. In this panadamic situation it’s really good price wise.

Sachin Jadhav


Best internet service provider, fast service in pandemic due to that we worked online and great support by 24/7 technical help, thank you jeebr team.

Sagar Adhav


The corporate Internet Lease Line is with 99.5% SLA. With unmatched rates. Really satisfied with the internet services.

Sachin Gaikwad


Very good internet connection so far. Highly recommended over pathetic Hathway . Service provided during sale and installation is also good. Hope they continue with same

Sanjay kunbi

FAQs regarding OTT services

What should I consider while choosing an OTT platform?
When you plan to subscribe for an OTT platform, you need a stable internet connection and a compatible device to watch the visual content. Before moving on with an OTT service provider, you should check the quality of content delivered online.
Is it worth trying Jeebr TV?
While we aim to offer you an amazing entertainment experience, Jeebr TV offers access to more than 300 channels and apps to watch movies. You can always customize the entertainment pack for the OTT video platform.
Can I watch videos on my smartphone after availing OTT services?
In addition to watching shows on your laptop or Smart TV, you can certainly watch shows on your mobile phone. Through the years, the team at Jeebr is aware about which shows subscribers love to watch.
How do I subscribe to Jeebr OTT?
When you’re planning to watch TV online, you can simply send across the details through the online form. Once we receive your details, our representative will contact you shortly. We will later present different plans based on the number of channels you will love watching.
What are the pros of Jeebr TV?
When you wish to access entertainment from any location, you can count on Jeebr for OTT streaming. While you can watch channels with just a single log in, you can entertain yourself more than you had ever thought about.

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